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The art of “Thank You” | Print & Design by Chad Wright Creative

Communication has been shortened in this digital age.

Everything has been boiled down to a quick e-mail, a tweet, or a text.

You would think this would spell doom for people like us who make our living with ink on paper. However, it’s had the opposite effect. Now quick, down-and-dirty communication is the norm. That means when you take the time and effort to put a beautiful, high-quality printed piece in someone’s hand, they notice.

Thank you cards are a perfect example of this. A quick e-mail thanking a new client for the opportunity to help them can be read and deleted in a matter of seconds and forgotten shortly after.

photo copy

A beautifully designed thank you card printed on thick stock with vibrant color, mailed in a stunning linen envelope gets attention. The recipient takes time to open the envelope, read the card and often save it. It’s not unusual to return to the client’s office and find your card on their desk, or hung on the wall.

When was the last time you saw an e-mail framed on the wall?

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Heirloom Thank You Cards

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