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Blog Masonry | Print & Design by Chad Wright Creative

The Titan Cards

We are really proud to introduce our new line of very high-end cards, dubbed by a very smart kid as the “Titan Cards.” Our standard business cards are 16pt thick, which is already thicker than most people’s cards. This new line of cards is 48pt! The bottom part of this photo is 10 of the […]

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The long road ahead

Where do you want your business to be in 10 years? That’s the question we ask every client because that’s the goal we need to work toward with your marketing. Too often the focus of marketing become immediate results. “I’m spending X, so it needs to immediately return Y.” And while there is some science […]

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The art of “Thank You”

Communication has been shortened in this digital age. Everything has been boiled down to a quick e-mail, a tweet, or a text. You would think this would spell doom for people like us who make our living with ink on paper. However, it’s had the opposite effect. Now quick, down-and-dirty communication is the norm. That […]

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Anatomy of a print campaign

Here’s a look at a recent campaign we did for Life Church in Leander, Texas to promote their Easter services. It consisted of several different print pieces, all with the same consistent art and messages. From outdoor banners to a 25,000-piece direct mail campaign, we photographed, designed, printed and delivered every piece. The church had […]

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Thank you for a huge January

In January 2013 we printed 83,941 pieces. Not only was this 143% more than last January, it was 607 pieces over our goal for the month. At the beginning of the year we set our goal at 83,334 pieces a month, or 1,000,000 pieces for the entire year. For a lot of printers that’s nothing […]

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Half a million reasons why we love you

We did a lot last year. By a lot, I mean we printed just under 500,000 pieces. For some printers that’s not a lot. For us, that is huge. Every piece we do has such care and love put into it, that number represents a lot of work. But, we’re not stopping there. We’ve set […]

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